Lost Voices: Missing Children of America

LOST VOICES informs people in America about missing children in their neighborhoods and provides a platform for the families of victims to speak for their missing loved one.

Genise Shelton, a Married To Medicine star on The BRAVO Network, has expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors to create Our Children’s Keeper. This non-profit foundation is focused on raising awareness of sex trafficking, promoting personal safety, and providing relief to families of victims.

ONE missing child could be your child. ONE missing child is one too many.

Join QuaHZ and Genise in the fight to increasing child safety and decreasing the number of missing children per year.

The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz features hosts Kia Malone and Lance Smith. A news and entertainment show with the latest headlines, celebrity interviews with Scott Carty, gossip and news-you-can-use. Also covering what’s trending in the areas of fashion, finance, health, hospitality, travel and other lifestyle categories.

Democracy Now!

A daily, global, independent news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now! presents daily headlines followed by in-depth discussions from a rich diversity of people and perspectives rarely heard from in mainstream media. Guests include international journalists, scholars, scientists, authors, analysts, artists, filmmakers and ordinary people who are most affected by news events in the US and around the world.

The Day in the Life of Supa Peach

After being successful in “The Rap Game” SUPA PEACH sets out on her own again. Follow SUPA PEACH in her journey through everyday life away from the music scene.

America's Talent Over 50

So your grandma & grandpa still have that great voice at 60? Still can do dance moves and full splits at 70? Catch them in this new talent series! Judges and people from around the country will vote to see who will go to the next round!


Sidewalks Entertainment is a weekly American television series that is a combination of a talk show and variety show featuring Top celebrity interviews, music, artistic and novelty acts, and rising performers. The 30-minute program is primarily produced in the San Francisco Bay Area with segments from other parts of the country, including Los Angeles and New York.

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC

Host Joan Lunden, CDC’s Dr Ann Albright, and special guests share the latest insights and information on diabetes, prediabetes, and much more.

Teens with HIV

From ages 12 to 18, watch these youngsters tell their stories of how they live their daily lives. They all thought it couldn’t happen to them. Now each day is a miracle!

People You May Know

Interviewing unexpected people as they appear on the streets!

Fruit of the Fungus

After their father leaves them a mysterious map on his deathbed, a brother and sister must unite to find its true meaning.

Battle A Cappella

Unlike Rap Battles, this will be singers standing face to face with only a Mic between them! See who can REALLY sing without music behind them as they battle one on one!

Tony's Tale, Tragedy in Arizona

Imagine being wrongfully accused of a crime, taken from your home, and locked up all based on little to no evidence that you committed a crime.
Based on Denise Carey-Costa’s book “Tony’s Tale Tragedy in Arizona”, the film relives the compelling 2012 case of a dog named Tony, court ordered to be euthanized in Clifton, Arizona. This was the story that shocked the world and raised public outcry over judicial murder and how breed specific prejudice has gone too far.
The documentary focuses on Tony’s story but also addresses similar cases that raised worldwide outcry. All were Pit Bulls and all were murdered because of their breed.

Exgirlfriend's Revenge

Got dumped by a cheating boyfriend? Revenge has no time limit! Catch these girls as they set up their ex boyfriends into horrible payback traps!

Black People Money

Documentary filmed around the country of Asian immigrants coming to America to find success in black neighborhoods.

Adventures with Javelyn

Adventures with Javelyn is a reality interview show with a touch of fantasy featuring Javelyn, a mermaid in disguise (Shh) who has 4 hours on land to meet people and learn to be human and to find a musical family before she has to go back to the sea. She travels in a magical car and is led by a magical ball to find adventures with real people who have fascinating stories.

Growing Up With Hollywood

A documentary film offering a historic view of the child star era in Hollywood that spanned from the silent era to the onset of WWII. A period in film that is unique to the American cinema and will never be repeated. The film contains interviews with some of Hollywood’s most recognized child stars of the era as they share their personal experiences and the ups and downs of achieving fame and fortune at a young age.

Sport Events

From High School to Professional! Watch many events with QuAHZ!

Teen Talk with Supa Peach

Supa Peach interview special guests and have group sessions among her peers.

Best Unsigned Music Groups in the World

24hrs of great music from the most unsigned talented artists around the worldThe artists with the most followers and votes get interviewed and signed for major distribution!

Gangs of America - Somebody's Child

Parents around the country reflect issues of their children being in gangs.

The Jet Set

The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you!

As the first hybrid talk and travel show, ‘The Jet Set’ is anchored from its ‘jet’ television set complete with an airplane wing desk and actual set pieces built from a decommissioned Boeing 747. Alternatively, like other travel shows, ‘The Jet Set’ hits the road to feature destinations, attractions, festivals and unique adventures.

Travel and talk veterans Gailen David, Bobby Laurie and health and wellness expert Nikki Noya will keep you in the loop each week with a wide variety of guests from the entertainment and travel worlds, on-location experiences, and insight into the latest trends and current events.

A Hollywood actor picks his father up at the airport to celebrate his 40th birthday and chaos ensues with his father when he loses his dentures after a hard-core night of partying at the Hollywood dive bar The Frolic Room. Starring Josh Mitchell, Chuck Mitchell, and Tisa Samphors.

Comic Night Stand Up

Every night see the funniest comics ever from around the country!

True DNA Stories

True stories of men who’ve spent years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit!

Defense Attorney

Defense Attorney

William Stone’s life is shattered as he juggles his work with his wife & kids defending serial killers, rapists and people who are already known to be guilty!

Crime Watch

Profiling local and national criminals.

Veggie Table with Michele Thomas

Veggie Table travels the country showcasing local vegetarian and vegan eateries, giving you suggestions for the best dishes in the best restaurants.

I Love My Pet

People will do ANYTHING to please their pets with high living!

"The Glow" Talk Show

The Glow” helps today’s professional woman to discover confidence and fulfillment in every area of her life. Co-Hosts Melanie Eke, Una NedeljovNya Sine, and Marija Macesic offer tips and advice on achieving the highly desired “glow” from each of their expertise areas.  They also interview guests with personal stories viewers can relate to and learn from.

Fitness Camp with Anita Rogers

Anita Rogers Interviews and takes on 12 participants each week and motivates them to set and keep their goals from losing weight to getting in shape. Prizes are won with many success stories. “Fitness Camp” will bring the JOY back into working out!


Actors from around the country compete before a live studio audience with judges act out scenes and try to get to the next performance level. These actors never know what scenes they will do until they get on stage to improv their characters. The best actor for each scene will move to the next level as the audience and judges vote!

Malcolm Flips Vegas

Champagne bottles everywhere with beautiful ladies building homes with him! Watch Malcolm flip Vegas real estate homes and profit each time while partying.

Vintage Vehicles

A celebrity buys back his first car to impress a girl.

Wine Tasting

Can the sanity and friendship between 4 best friends survive the intense process of sacrificing all in their lives to pass the master sommelier exam and become professional wine tasters?

My Life as a Transgender

Real people, real situations of what these young and old Transgenders go through with everyday life in the public’s eye!

Join or Die

A young man enters the witness protection program after escaping a cult. He soon becomes paranoid and flees to the mountains where he meets a man living in a bunker.

Buying Boulder

Catch the drama, trials and triumphs of a Colorado real estate company on their journey to conquering the real estate world one luxury home at time.

The Paradise Coast Wives of Naples

Rich, beautiful, tough and witty ladies show you what it’s like to live in paradise!

The Gauntlet

Three girls are forced to permanently silence their best friend in order to keep their ancestor’s century old supernatural secret. This unravels a series of strange events that will eventually lead to their exposure within the boarding school in which they reside.

Making Peace with the Past

Is a show about people who had a bad past relation ship, did something wrong with a family member etc and who’s willing to come on the show to apologize and have a better relationship.

Diamond Hunter

Diamond Hunter Nick Montefour visits Sierra Leone and Guinea Diamond Mines.

Science Nation

In the National Science Foundation’s Science Nation, we examine the breakthroughs, and the possibilities for new discoveries about our planet, our universe and ourselves: Science Nation takes a dynamic, entertaining look at the research–and the researchers–that will change our lives.

Winemakers Uncorked with Jim Angle

“Winemakers Uncorked” with Jim Angle, longtime wine lover and former correspondent for Fox News Channel shows everyone how making Wine is done!

Billionaire's Coast

Naples luxury real estate market featuring several Naples Realtors buying and selling multi-million dollar properties. The inaugural episode includes filming an open house at a new $22.9 million custom built Port Royal home listed by one of the cast members.

Iron Wars

Iron Wars is a reality show that will feature three of the top metal removers and haulers in the State of Nebraska.

The Beat Within

The Beat Within’s mission is to provide incarcerated youth with consistent opportunity to share their ideas and life experiences in a safe space that encourages literacy, self-expression, some critical thinking skills, and healthy, supportive relationships with adults and their community.